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CoyaN_Pictures - Shorts - SWAT Act
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Shorts - SWAT Act
The confrontation between two SWATs cannot have another result that an entrance to the headquarters of the “bad ones”, a few shotsand a success for the “good ones”. The best thing of this history is that they always can appear takings that are not worth for the video, but that yes serves to laugh, and in this case there are a few...

SWAT 1: Marcos González
SWAT 2: Juán Prieto
Camera: Rodrigo Fdez.
Place: La Sapera (Soto de Agues, Sobrescobio, Asturias, Spain)
Date: 12/Nov/2005
Summary: A SWAT(special body of the police) is entering a factory where they have the hostages. But as any history this one also has false takings, that usually they are those that are worth the trouble more.

Direct Download is thanks to FileLodge and Online Video thanks to Google Video.

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